What to Expect

What to Expect at your Merlin Comms Consultation

Growing businesses need quality telecommunications systems to work at peak efficiency.

With an outdated or simply ill-suited system, your business could suffer across the board. With a phone system consulting service, your business can benefit from expert advice and direction to help you develop the telecommunications system that works for you.

With Merlin Communications network consulting services for small businesses, you get even more than that.

What to Expect

Merlin Communications is a leader in telecommunications consulting for small to medium-sized businesses throughout Pennsylvania and the Northeast, dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions to our clients. We seek to understand the unique needs and circumstances of each business and offer comprehensive solutions backed by expert advice and experience.

When you choose to work with Merlin Communications, you work with a partner.

The first part of the Merlin Communications phone system consulting process is a phone evaluation where we discuss your organization’s needs and goals as well as how your existing system stacks up to your expectations.

We’ll then evaluate current technology solutions on the market that might meet your business’ needs. If you decide to move forward in the consultation process from there, here’s what you can expect from us and our services:

  • Need-Based Solutions:

    At Merlin Communications, we make it a point to understand the constraints and the concerns of small- to medium-sized business in PA. This is why we will never attempt to sell you platinum packages or bandwidth that you’ll never use. We only offer what you need and what you will use, and we’ll never try to expand your telecommunications network beyond your workable budget.

  • Legacy System Optimization:

    You may not need an entirely new telecommunications system to achieve your communications goals.  At Merlin Communications, we support legacy systems by offering solutions that work with your existing system to improve functionality.

  • Expert Support:

    Merlin Communications employs a team of expert technicians, engineers and sales consultants to help you improve your communications systems. Each one of our technicians has an average of 20 years of experience in the field, and in communications technology solutions, so they know how to implement your system in the best way possible.

  • System Implementation:

    If you choose to upgrade to a new system or decide to implement new auxiliary solutions, Merlin Communications can help you set them up. We’ll install any new programs or updates for you and modify them as needed. We also offer training services for your end users so you can get started using your new system from day one.

Ultimately, Merlin Communications recognizes that business communication isn’t ultimately about products, software or services — it’s about connecting internal and external stakeholders effectively and consistently so small businesses can meet their goals.

We’ll help you reach these goals with a telecommunications network that is designed to work for you.

Business Communication isn’t ultimately about products, software or services. It’s about connecting internal and external stakeholders effectively and consistently.

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To get started with your Merlin Communications consultation or learn more about Merlin Communications’ services, contact us by phone or through our online form and get a free quote!

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