Unified Communications

What Does Unified Communications Mean for Me?

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are constantly pushing to minimize overheads, maximizing their resources to keep costs low while still meeting customer expectations. In the age of technology, this can be a demanding challenge, especially when IT budgets and staffing resources are limited.

Many companies are turning to integrated technology solutions that make the most of their existing resources. This demand for integration is why unified communication is so popular today.

What Is Unified Communications?

“Unified communications” is an industry buzzword referring to communications systems that are integrated and connected to optimize business processes. Ideally, a unified communications system integrates all the pieces of your business’ communication system, both real-time and non-real time, to produce a unified whole.

These include instant messaging, voice messaging, audio and video conferencing, desktop and data sharing, speech recognition, presence information and mobility features in real-time and voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax in non-real time.

How to Pursue Unified Communications

While many assume that unified communications is a single product solution, this is a common misconception. Unified communications isn’t a simple product or service – rather, it is a goal that communications managers continually work towards using the best products and services for their business’ needs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to unified communications, which is why Merlin Communications adopts a personal, consultative approach to designing and delivering communications networks.

Why Do You Need Unified Communications?

The first question most people ask when considering pursuing unified communications is “why do I need unified communications?” In short, you need it to improve the effectiveness of your organization.

Imagine a system where an individual in your business can receive a message through voicemail and be notified of its presence and be able to access it through your business’ email or chat systems. The system can also keep track of the availability of the sender to tell the receiving individual whether the sender is online and accepting calls. If so, the receiver can send an immediate, real-time response through chat or phone. Otherwise, they can send a non-real-time message through an email, SMS or fax message.

This unified communications system benefits your business by:

  • Improving Efficiency:

    Your staff can see their messages across a wider range of communications systems and respond accordingly. This makes response times quicker, and when communicating with in-office staff, it allows your staff members to recognize the availability of individuals and choose the best communication system to reach them quickly without interrupting their business processes. This makes it a great resource for emergency and time-sensitive communications.

  • Increasing Productivity:

    Increasing communications speed effectively increases productivity by giving staff members the resources to work quickly, minimizing wait time when handling communications resources.

  • Facilitating Customer Service:

    Unified communications can also be a boon for customer service purposes, allowing your staff to recognize and respond to customer requests and inquiries more quickly.

  • Maximizing Revenue:

    Through improved efficiency, productivity and customer service, your business can focus more on customer-facing services that make your organization revenue, backed by a communications infrastructure designed to help you succeed.

Merlin Communications Builds Communications Solutions that Work for You

Experienced in communications technology solutions, Merlin Communications employs a team of expert technicians, engineers and sales consultants to help you improve your communications systems.

By upgrading older systems, installing new platforms and modifying software both new and old, we’ll help your organization achieve a unified communications system that streamlines your business processes.

No matter your business format or needs, Merlin Communications will be here to assist.

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