Telephone Bill Auditing

Merlin Communications

Telecom Auditing and Optimization

 What we do…

Since we speak the language of the phone companies, we can take your phone bill and review it line by line to find common errors and incorrect charges. We handle the entire dispute with the phone company and we follow up to make sure the revised bill is accurate. In fact, we will follow your bill for several months to make sure it is exactly what we told you it would be.

For clients needing new telecom or data circuits, we scan all of the companies that have services available to you and show you the best possible deals. Since we have connections with every provider, we know who has the best offer at any given time. Of course all orders are verified in writing and bills are double checked.

Need new services or are you unsure of your needs? We will discuss how your voice and data network is working now with the goal of finding any bottlenecks or problem areas. Once they have been identified, we will make a recommendation for improvements which will include the details of any new costs associated with the solution.

How it directly benefits your bottom line…

The savings we find are true hard dollar savings – presented to you in the form of a check from the phone company.

Reducing your expenses associated with any new services or circuits adds to your savings.

Eliminating the time and frustration of dealing with the phone company translates to benefits that are hard to quantify. All troubleshooting and error reporting is done directly to Merlin Communications and we stay with it until there is resolution. You can focus on what you do best and let us handle the less pleasant, time-consuming leg work.

We become a true business partner that you can consult at any time. We think of our staff becoming part of your company.

How to get started…

Gather your phone bills and call us at (717) 859-1003 Ext. 106 or click here to fill out the contact form.