Telecom System Tips To Create A Productive Mobile Workforce

mobile workforceThe business telecom system can be a lifeline for your business, or it can mean revenue lost. Particularly in a difficult economy, having the ability to connect with a remote worker as if he or she is in the office can make a huge difference in the ability to respond to customers.

A mobile workforce means that your employees are connected to your office, regardless of where they are.  Whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, are your associates able to get the information they need when they need it?

With so many business communication decisions to chose from, there are some solutions that are available as part of your office phone system which can enable your mobile workers to be much more efficient.

There are several options in today’s business phone system that you may want to evaluate to optimize mobility of the workforce:

  • Collaborate through mobile: Mobile employees can be productive if they are accessible when they are on the road.  Today’s business phone systems have mobility applications that are easy to use.  Be sure to look for IM (instant message), full call control, and video or voice conferencing via smart phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Be Responsive To Clients: Customers should be able to connect quickly with the right associate, regardless of whether they are in the office or on the road. Particularly with smaller businesses, it’s important to be responsive even if you are not near your offices.
  • Have The Information When You Need It:  Even if connected remotely, there is information that may be neccessary to fulfill the call.  Integration with desktop applications (such as Microsoft Outlook or would expedite communication and improve the ability to provide personalized service for customers.
  • Manage Organizational growth: As your organization grows, your telecom system should be able to grow as well. When investigating phone system options, be sure you can upgrade your software or add new hardware for capacity.  This way, you can keep your investment working for you.
  • Improve Communications Functions:   From time to time, you may need to have conference calls that require a conference bridge, so it’s important to determine if the telecom system offers on.  In addition, you may want to have features like call recording, auto attendants, voice mail, and voice-mail-to-email integration, IM, mobile call control, conferencing, and integration with desktop applications and employee devices (such as smart phones and tablets).
  • Redundancy And Resiliency: There is nothing worse than having a phone system that goes ‘down’ when you are either in or expecting an important call. Be sure you can easily add a redundant server or back up system.   Find out what the typical ‘mean time between failures’ may be.
  • Easier System Management:  Multiple sites can be managed from a single drag-and-drop system management tools with newer telecom systems. Be sure features include applications for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.
Office productivity is important regardless of whether the associates are in the office or on the road.  Having access to information and having a business phone system that grows with your business are important tools for today’s office.

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