Emergency Notification Services

Situational Awareness and Response Assistance

A unified communication (UC) platform is becoming an enterprise standard because it allows you to reach out to all employees with a single message across voice, chat, data, apps and other communication methods. While the focus is often on improving processes and overall operational efficiency, this type of situational awareness is paramount when it comes to keeping your employees safe.

UC ensures you’re able to reach out to staff with your emergency message, and the operator console will allow you to provide customers with information and updates across your entire enterprise. Seamless connectivity allows you to set a single message and send it out, all through a standard web interface.

Emergency notifications are the best way you can keep your employees safe from natural disasters, intruders and other dangerous incidents. The same system that tells your staff to stay at home or shelter in place can also be used to let them know when it is safe to come back to the office and what your plans are moving forward.

Work With What You Have Already

A chief benefit Merlin Communications offers is the ability to integrate and use your existing alerting systems. Your existing investments don’t have to be lost thanks to our comprehensive reuse capabilities.

Another key benefit is that we’re able to collect all the information in our UC system with other systems to create a single alert system for you to manage. We combine all of your existing points of vulnerability and have them operating on the same alert system so that your staff only needs training on one system and there’s less chance of error or confusion.

Advanced Personal Care and Care Settings

Safety and security tools are vital to Merlin Communications’ delivery of automated situational awareness and risk management support. Our goal is to work with you to develop a specific plan to prevent the loss of life, safety, property and other assets.

That focus has led us to generate a robust technological framework that reaches out to you whenever you need it, especially in unique care settings like those in senior living facilities. For our customers in these and similar environments, proper communication is necessary during every kind of emergency, from those impacting your entire community to individuals in crisis.

Notification tools and options to approach both individual and community emergencies include:

  • One-touch emergency alert systems that move through a custom dashboard to reach caregivers and staff.
  • Integration of live video feeds to desktops and smartphones, allowing you to have eyes on the situation.
  • Emergency alert systems that reach out across multiple channels, including CCTV.
  • Mobile and desktop alerts that allow for notification of emergencies and allow responders to check in and even share on-scene video or information.

Customizing Your Emergency Response

Every business we meet is a unique combination of people, leaders, products and assets. Your emergency response systems and support should be the same. Contact Merlin Communications to learn more about our Situational Awareness and Response Assistance (SARA) options for your people and business.

Business Protection Systems

Merlin Communications also pairs disaster response with information recovery available through its UC platforms to keep your operations safe too. We recommend a disaster recover option that will allow you to focus on people and your community in the event of a local service emergency. Having a UC hosted by Merlin means your data is constantly being backed up so you can retrieve what you need when the emergency is over.

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