Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Security Solutions

Video Surveillance Provides Worksite Security and Accountability

Security and accountability on worksites of all sizes has never been more important.  Effective video surveillance solutions help companies prevent theft and other damages, provide safe work environments for their employees, and accountability for their managers.

Merlin Communications offers effective, reliable, Panasonic video solutions for all your worksite surveillance needs. In addition, Merlin Communications supports a small host of additional video surveillance brands and products to provide solutions tailored for your business.

In environments without effective video surveillance, companies are at a higher risk for shrink from product loss, the creation of hostile work environments, and longer response times in case of emergency.

Tailored Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Company

We can help tailor a video surveillance solution to your company based on its size and your particular concerns to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Video Surveillance helps deter fraudulent liability claims as well, by quietly gathering evidence that helps get them dismissed.  For those considering theft or espionage, video surveillance from Merlin Communications acts as an effective deterrent.

Your ideal video surveillance and security system will never be identical to that for another company, even of the same or similar size.  Below are some of the solutions Merlin Communications offers.  Give us a call to discuss your particular solution.


Evidence Collection Systems

The Panasonic digital evidence portfolio manages evidence from a single platform to increase officer safety while decreasing liability and litigation.

Network Security Cameras

Panasonic transforms system functionality and efficiency with i-PRO cameras that integrate easily into new and existing installations. Our megapixel, dome, vandal-resistant and other cameras bring you reliability at an affordable price.

Analog Security Cameras

Panasonic delivers the best in analog cameras to support and improve legacy video surveillance systems. New technologies and products offer advanced functionality and superior system performance. Analog product line-up includes, fixed box, fixed dome, PTZ and vandal-resistant models.


Our recording solutions match the quality of our image capture to help build your end-to-end surveillance system. With DVRs and NVRs that set new benchmarks in performance and functionality, these unprecedented, highly reliable recorders provide scalability to meet customer needs.

Encoders & Decoders

There’s no better way to get your analog cameras on the network than with Panasonic i-PRO encoders and decoders.

Management and Control Systems

Panasonic delivers video management control solutions for virtually any size system with seamless integration of Panasonic’s complete line of video surveillance products.

Security Camera Accessories

Panasonic delivers the accessories to make any size system complete. Our comprehensive line of lenses, housings and mounting brackets assure your cameras will be in the places you want them with the field of view you need.