Paging Systems

Flexible Paging System Solutions for Your Business

Paging systems offering analog, hybrid, and fully hosted IP capabilities ensure that Merlin Communications can tailor a system solution to meet your requirements, that is easy to use and easy to maintain.

For many operations, being able to quickly and clearly communicate with any member of the staff at a moment’s notice is an important part of making sure operations run smoothly and safely. Whether your business environment is an office, a retail store, a warehouse, a manufacturing plant or other large area, a reliable, low maintenance paging system can make a real difference in the quality and speed of your work.

If you are finding that information is not reaching certain employees in a timely fashion, or that staff members are missing communications, a more efficient paging system can be an effective solution. Dropped communications can lead to serious confusion, missed opportunities, and even danger. A good paging system ensures that important communications and information are shared at an instant across a wide area and to the whole staff.

Merlin Communications provides a variety of paging system solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our paging solutions ensure that both individuals and groups get necessary communications clearly and quickly. We’ve compiled some of the benefits our partners enjoy from their Merlin Communication’s paging system. Reach out to us at any time to discuss your unique situation.

Some of the features and benefits of paging:

  • Find people away from their work station
  • Paging with one-way all call and group zoning
  • Talkback page will allow a person being paged to speak directly to the speaker broadcasting the page
  • Door entry/security management
  • Notification of everyone for quick evacuation and increased safety/security
  • Adjust speaker volumes in noisy situations
  • Feedback elimination will eliminate squeals when you page
  • Signals for breaks – start/stop time clock tone
  • Telephone loud ring and or night ring allows anyone to hear the phone ring after the receptionist leaves