What Exactly is a VoIP Phone System?

What is a VoIP Phone System and How Can It Help Your Business?

VoIP phone system (Voice Over Internet Proctocol) and IP telephony (Internet Protocol) are popular choices for business telephone systems. Internet Protocol (IP) is a tool that simplifies and streamlines many business applications. VoIP (voice over IP) is the foundation for advanced “unified communications”, such as Web or video conferencing.  These fast and effective communications tools can connect remote workers more efficiently and truly transform the way you do business.

VoIP is a Powerful Digital Telecommunications Tool When Deployed Effectively

Understanding the terminology used in digital telecommunications is a first step toward learning the potential of this technology:

  • VoIP refers to phone calls over the IP data network. This can mean the Internet or an internal network. VoIP is effective in reducing telecom costs since the calls will be connected through the Internet versus through the telephone carrier.
  • IP telephony includes VoIP enabled services. These may incorporate interconnecting phones,  services such as dialing plans,  or more common including conferences, transfer services, call forwarding, and hold.
  • IP communications includes unified messaging, integrated call centers, contact management and media-rich conferencing through voice, data, and video.
  • Unified communications incorporates Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and combines the presence for mobility solutions to unify and simplify business communications, regardless of where your workforce is, or how they connect.

Understanding VoIP Phone System Service Quality

Most business VOIP phone systems incorporate IP telephony across a managed private networks.  This affords better control over security of the ntework and the quality of the service.

A private networked VOIP system can actually have better phone quality than a traditional phone system.

The Real Business Impact of VoIP Phone Systems

In short, your business can save money, improve communications, connect with remote workers and have integrated information utilizing a VoIP business phone system.  We welcome the opportunity to connect with you and see how a VoIP phone system solution could work for your organization to improve business efficiency.

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