VOIP Systems for Large Residences

While your company may be spread across campuses, several locations or dozens of rooms, it’s critical to function as one cohesive unit. If your departments become fragmented, productivity can take a nosedive, due to the lack of communication. That can lead to a decrease in your customer satisfaction, brand and growth.

At Merlin Communications, we’re here to help. For more than 10 years, we’ve coordinated with full-service contractors to ensure organizations with large residences, from retirement communities to hospitals, have a customized phone system that makes communication seamless between locations, building floors and more.

Large Residences That Benefit From VoIP Systems

In today’s global market, there are tons of organizations that require a large-scale VoIP and PA system to operate at maximum productivity and deliver top-notch customer service to their consumer base, which may extend across states and even countries.

Factors that make companies an ideal candidate for a VoIP or PA system for large residences include:

  • Multiple locations with a campus or campuses
  • Single or multiple locations encompassing hundreds of rooms
  • Large-scale locations that serve customers on-site, 24-hours a day

Types of organizations considered large residences include:

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels or resorts

No matter your type of company or number of locations, you can trust Merlin Communications to deliver.

Trusted VoIP and PA Systems for Large Residences

Quality is key, especially with a VoIP phone system for large residences. That’s why we offer two types of systems:

  • Avaya: Merlin Communications is an authorized dealer for Avaya — a leading and award-winning telecommunications company. Its phone systems are easy to use, plus integrate with smartphones and tablets, including Android phones. IT professionals also approve Avaya’s system management software.
  • Panasonic: We provide Panasonic phone systems too, which include enterprise-level solutions. The company’s product line also features phones for smaller organizations, which ensures you receive a communication solution that scales to your unique needs.

With our experienced team, we’ll help you select the best VoIP system for your large residence.

Customized Builds That Meet Your Demands

We customize all our VoIP solutions to your company’s unique needs, from having one location with multiple buildings to several properties with a single structure. With every build, we focus on delivering a solution that scales to your changing needs, such as the opening of a new location. Another aspect of our tailored solutions is ensuring they’re reliable and consistent, giving you peace of mind.

Reliable VoIP System Installs You Can Trust

Merlin Communications hosts an exceptional team of technicians. On average, most have 20 years of field experience. That lets us deliver the lowest installation costs available, as well as the newest technology for implementing VoIP across multiple campuses and properties.

To ensure your installation is seamless, we coordinate with your ISP and phone company. Our team also researches any potential management of circuits at your facilities, such as VPNs or MPOLS. Through thorough planning and double-checking our work, we make the install process fast.

With a seamless and quick installation, your company can begin using its new phone system sooner. That lets you reach new customers, impress existing ones and build your reputation as a modern business that’s at the forefront of delivering superior service.

Comprehensive Warranties and Coverage for Long-Term Use

Respected brands, like Avaya and Panasonic, demonstrate their commitment to quality through their warranties.

All Avaya products arrive with a standard one-year warranty, plus include optional and affordable multi-year service plans. Panasonic provides a seven-year product warranty. Nonprofits with large residences can also qualify for Panasonic’s special, reduced pricing for small-business systems.

Training and support for your phone system are also available. Our team will work with yours to discuss your system’s software, hardware and diagnostic tools, as well as help your staff learn about new features or changes resulting from a telesystem equipment upgrade.

Every product and service we offer at Merlin Communications undergoes customer testing and approval. That way, we ensure we provide you with not only the best products, but also the best service for your communication requirements.

Schedule a Free Consultation for Your Large Residences

At Merlin Communications, we’re more than a VoIP phone installation company serving assisted-living facilities, hospitals, hotels and other large-scale residences. We’re a business that’s focused on creating, installing and supporting customized, top-notch solutions that meet and adapt to your evolving needs. With us, you’re more than a name and number — you’re a partner.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for telecommunications networking for senior living.