Case Studies

A Large Healthcare Provider with Unhealthy Telephones

This growing non-profit, healthcare provider was struggling to maintain an old Iwatsu telephone system in a very fast-paced environment. IT people complained about the difficulty and time-consuming programming and the doctors complained about simple functionality. In addition, there was a need to communicate efficiently among the five sites with a highly mobile staff.

With the digital circuit in place, the IP Office was able to “twin” cell phones to office extensions. Receptionists no longer had to know where someone was at any given time. Being away from your desk no longer means calls going to voice mail.

As with most non-profits, it is important to quantify your results – the number of people served, the amount of phone calls taken etc. With the routing capability built into the Avaya IP Office and the addition of Datel Call Center software, the customer service supervisors are able to report on call traffic. This can be done for the whole group or for individual agents. Reports are presented in an easy-to-read format.

In certain situations, it is appropriate for calls to be recorded. This is as simple as pressing a key while the call is in progress. The recorded call resides in a mailbox making it easy to retrieve.

The IT Department no longer spends an inordinate amount of time programming and attempting to troubleshoot the old hardware. As the system was being installed, the support staff was trained on the simple, Windows- based system management software. Now, moves, adds and changes or any troubleshooting is done in house, saving the time and expense of vendor service calls.

Now that all five locations are networked with an Avaya IP Office in a full IP platform, everyone is feeling better!


Architects Needed a New Design for Their Phone System

A high-profile firm of architects and project managers juggling an increasing volume of time-sensitive projects found that Avaya Partner system needed an upgrade. With a significant Avaya customer discount, they installed the IP Office System .

Most of the staff relies heavily on their iPhones, Droid and iPads. Since the new IP Office can integrate these devices into the phone system, efficiency improved immediately. Now calls can be made and received on their preferred devices. With the Avaya Flare, a licensed feature on the system, your contact list is built in. With a drag and drop motion, instant messages, phone calls or emails can be sent as well as videoconferencing.

For staff out of the office on projects, the IP Office Softphone turns laptops into office phones. Distance no longer inhibits communication, no matter how long the absence from the office.

Since there are always time constraints with projects, which can result in heavy fines for missed deadlines, communication is vital. When a voice mail is left it is immediately sent as an email with a .wav file attachment and retrieved quickly on the most convenient device.

These architects have built a bridge to better communication, profitability and customer service with their new Avaya IP Office!


A Single, Reliable Platform Yields Interest with this Regional Bank

This brand new regional bank needed phone systems for their new branches. A reliable but scalable single platform was the most important criteria. The system they chose had to be capable of serving the small branches, large branches, preferably from an industry leader with a proven product in the financial industry.

Management of all locations needed to be simple since they were starting with a small IT staff. The decision was made to standardize on digital phones for the offices but to utilize the WAN to connect all of the phone systems into one enterprise. This eliminated any additional bandwidth or network hardware considerations present in a full IP solution.

Ultimately, the choice was the Avaya IP Office for the first few locations and more recently for a new operations center and several more branches. As the systems were put into service, more efficiencies and cost savings were discovered such as using the built-in conference bridge for their monthly board meetings instead of the expense of a monthly service. Mobile sales people were able to stay on top of their calls with the ability to twin their cell phones with their office extensions.

Although the IT staff has grown, management of all locations is still simple. If any circuits go down, the This investment definitely paid off!