Multi-Location Enterprise Phone Systems

Large companies with multiple locations must function as one comprehensive system including remote workers scattered across a variety of geographic locations. We understand that inter-company communication is vital to your success. Our Panasonic and Avaya phone systems consider all enterprise locations and devices when designing a new voice network for a large company.

We have many large companies in our customer base who rely on Merlin Communications to design a voice network so that the enterprise is always functioning at peak efficiency. With reports that alert your IT people to potential trouble spots, you are always one step ahead of any issues. Since our technicians will have remote access to all of your locations, we are here to assist with any issues that arise or to assist with the addition of new offices and locations.

We’re Your Source for Multi-Location Enterprise Avaya Phone Systems

As an authorized Avaya dealer, Merlin Communications can provide large Avaya phone systems that meet your current communication needs and offer plenty of expansion to accommodate future growth. These innovative systems also enable easy integration of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Droids — making them the perfect solution for connecting remote workers and staff that are on the road.

Avaya’s system management software is well received among IT professionals. From one location all sites can be seen and administered in real time.  Email alerts when circuits are near capacity puts you one step ahead before real issues arise. With the Windows-based platform, adds and changes are also very simple.

We Also Feature Large Panasonic Phone Systems

Our large Panasonic phone systems are equally suited for corporate headquarters and remote locations such as branch offices and call centers. Panasonic’s complete product line starts with the smaller TDA50G and grows to the TDE600, an enterprise-level solution that combines ease of use with expansion capabilities to support the communication needs of large organizations. The new NS1000, a full IP solution is also one of the many Panasonic options available.

Customized Multi-Location Phone System Networks for Your Company

Merlin Communications will work closely with your staff to develop a customized large phone system or voice enterprise that will meet your current and future communication needs. We’ll also install your system and provide training for your staff members as well as training on the system management software.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Multi-Location Company Phone System Consultation Today

The first step to getting a large company phone system that will be a true voice network that is to contact Merlin Communications. Your first meeting with a salesperson and a lead technician will give you a good idea of what we can offer your company. We believe you will be impressed with our industry knowledge customer references.