Integrated Communications

Are Your Communications Systems Integrated?

As organizations continue to look for ways to streamline their businesses, integrations are becoming more popular, especially as new integrated technology solutions hit the market. Communications systems are no different. Any communications system can benefit from integration, as this allows your employees to recognize and react to communications more efficiently, improving productivity and streamlining company processes.

In fact, many businesses already employ integration in their communication systems, especially office phone systems. This begs the question:

“How can I tell if my office phone system is integrated?”

What Is an Integrated Communication System?

Integration is a process where various sub-systems are brought together to form a functionally cohesive whole. In integrated communications systems, the goal is to bring real-time and non-real-time communications systems together. The result is a system that is greater than the sum of its parts, producing desired functionalities required to help streamline organizational processes.

Integrated systems will often look different from one organization to the next – what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another.

This means your organization’s integrated communications system might be wired or digital, hosted or non-hosted – it depends entirely on the needs of your business. In all cases, the product is effective interactions between communication devices and systems to facilitate easier business communication resources.

Is Your Office Phone System Integrated?

Because integrated phone systems can look different from business to business, your own organization’s integrated systems may look entirely different from another business’. However, there are a few things to look for that could indicate if your system is integrated:

  • Presence Detection:

    Presence detection software is a kind of check-in system where employees can list their availability within the office. When integrated with other services like phone and chat, this can mean incoming calls and messages are automatically sent to voicemail and other non-real-time systems when the employee is busy or on break.

  • CRM Software:

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software compiles and organizes customer data for sales purposes. If integrated with a phone system, your CRM software might keep a record of call lengths, call summaries or other information about the call that might help sales associates build customer relationships.

  • HR and Recruitment Software:

    HR software tracks employees, new hires and applicants, specifically the communications between a business and prospective hires. Communication system integrations keep email records, phone call information and other resources within these software systems.

  • Virtual Private Network:

    VoIP systems are often integrated with virtual private networks that encrypt your audio files and send them through secure channels for security purposes.

  • Email Systems:

    Email systems like Microsoft Outlook are often integrated with VoIP systems, managing calls and emails simultaneously. This can appear in the form of email notifications when a voicemail comes in or a call is missed, a network-integrated contact information list or even voicemail and phone messages appearing as audio and text files in your inbox.

Do I Need Integrated Office Phone Systems?

If you want to achieve a higher level of organizational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity, integrated communications systems are a great way to get there. Merlin Communications can help.

Merlin Communications employs an experienced team of expert technicians, engineers and consultants to help your organization make the most of your communications technology systems. We recognize that integration solutions differ from one business to the next, which is why we adopt a personal, consultative approach to designing and delivering communications networks. We’ll upgrade your older systems, install new ones and modify both as necessary, bringing you the functionality your business needs. No matter what, we’re here to help your communications system thrive.

No matter what, we’re here to help your communications system thrive.

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