How to Communicate the Value of VoIP With a Busy Executive

VoIP is an advantageous system that can benefit businesses of all sizes, but not everyone is aware of this. While VoIP systems are proven to be reliable and cost-effective, many business executives are either dubious or unaware of the benefits these cloud-based voice services provide, instead sticking with their tried-and-true traditional telephone system.

If your executive is one of these individuals, it will take a bit of convincing to get them to change their minds. Here are a few points you can bring up to communicate the value and need to switch to a VoIP service:

How VoIP Reduces Business Costs

For most executives, the benefit to the business’ bottom line is paramount, so it’s essential to bring this up. Between the hardware, cabling, configuration and maintenance, older phone systems are quite expensive. Comparatively, hosted VoIP is cost-effective, with low maintenance costs, no required hardware costs and no international calling fees. In short, this means you can get great quality voice communication at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

Easier Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

Getting started with and maintaining your VoIP system is much easier and more affordable than a traditional phone system. There’s no software to install, no complicated wiring to run, and most system updates are configurable through your online web portal. Even better, all system maintenance and updates are included in your monthly subscription and are done automatically, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date version of your VoIP software. In short, this means lower costs for your business, reduced downtime and simplified system updates.

Simple Scalability of Business Communications

The goal of any business is to expand, and small business VoIP solutions make expansion easier than ever. While traditional phone systems were difficult to reconfigure as you scaled your business up and down, hosted VoIP systems allow you to add and remove lines quickly and easily as needed so you always have the right number of phone lines for your needs. Additionally, VoIP makes it easy to bring in new locations — simply add the new lines to your existing system and you’re all set.

Improved Mobility for Company Personnel

Getting customers in contact with the right employee is essential for any business, especially for businesses where employees are mobile. With VoIP, your executive can ensure that customer calls are directed to employees’ work phones, cell phones and even their email so they can make contact as soon as possible, improving customer experiences.

Supported Features of VoIP Phone Systems

If your executive is worried about losing functionality with VoIP, tell them not to worry! All the functions you find in traditional phone systems are available with VoIP systems, including call holding, call transfer, conference calling, phone menus and even hold music. VoIP even works with virtual faxing, meaning your business can send and receive faxes with your email account without using paper or toner.

Integrations With Existing Phone Systems

On top of all the functions of VoIP, cutting-edge VoIP phone systems integrate with business applications used across several industries, including Outlook, Google apps, transcription systems, voicemail programs and more. This means your business can benefit from even more functionality beyond that of a traditional phone system.

Professional Assistance

With all the advantages VoIP offers to small businesses, it makes sense to make the switch. When you run a cost-benefit analysis for VoIP for your small business, the above points are just a taste of what your organization can achieve with VoIP. You can multiply those benefits with expert communications consultants. A consultant, like those provided by Merlin Communications, can help your business identify its needs and can then recommend appropriate solutions. We can even provide installation and training services so you can get started with your system more quickly.

Is your business executive ready to get started with VoIP? Contact Merlin Communications today!

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