Features of Your VoIP System Most Small Businesses Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

VoIP offers numerous features that can be extremely beneficial for companies of all sizes, especially smaller businesses. The reality, however, is that many small companies install their internet-based phone system and then never take a second glance at it. For several small businesses, this means they’re missing out on some huge benefits VoIP has to offer for organizations of their size. Here are just some of the features small businesses can use to get a competitive advantage from their VoIP:

Simple Scalability

The goal of any business is to grow and expand — and you need a phone system that can grow with you. VoIP does just that, with a system that is easy to upgrade. Add new locations quickly and easily, with minimal setup and hardware costs. You can even add new phone numbers as you need them, without buying new hardware or running new cables.

Unified Small Business Communications Through VoIP

Businesses, especially small businesses, are more mobile than ever and may even consist entirely of off-site employees. Whether your business is entirely mobile or it consists of a lot of mobile employees, VoIP has you covered with a unified communication system. Make use of routing and forwarding features to direct calls to employees’ phones, mobile devices, text services, email or voicemail provider. No matter where you or your employees are located, the right VoIP system can send your customers to the right place every time.

App Integrations With VoIP

Many cloud-based phone systems integrate with computer and mobile device applications, like text, fax, email, file sharing and video calling systems. Some systems also work with CRM systems and recording applications so you can keep track of customer interactions.

VoIP Supports Call Screening

Call screening is a common, yet rarely used, VoIP feature that can be very useful for smaller businesses. This system allows you to look at a number in caller ID and choose whether to take it, forward it to another number or disconnect the call.

How Click-to-Call Works On VoIP Systems

Click-to-call is a useful widget that you can add to your website code, enabling your visitors to call you by simply clicking a button on your site. All they do is enter their number into a dialog box and you can call them immediately. This allows you to identify and talk to customers right away, catching them when they are most interested in your business’s products and services.

How Hosted VoIP Makes Conference Calls Easier

Need to talk to several people at once? Hosted VoIP can do that for you with conference calling that allows you to call multiple parties to the same line. This can help both with customer interactions and with communication within your own organization.

How Music When On Hold Improves Customer Experience

Want to keep your customers engaged while they’re waiting for a representative? Use custom hold music to keep them on the line. While hold music can have a bad rap, its better than dead silence when your customer is waiting with a question. Make use of that time with interesting, unique songs or even an extended version of your company jingle. You can customize this hold music within your VoIP system at any time, so if one method doesn’t work you can easily configure something else that will do better.

Voicemail Transcription

Transcription is a great tool for small businesses to help speed things along and voicemail transcription is especially helpful. Set up your system so voicemails are immediately transcribed and sent to the appropriate email inbox. This way, you no longer have to worry about scribbling down names, numbers and addresses, and can easily see, respond to, organize or even delete these voicemails.

Discover More Features

There are so many VoIP systems available to you, each with its own benefits and features that can be advantageous for your small business and its unique needs. Determining which system is the best fit, however, can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where Merlin Communications’ expert consultations can help.

Merlin Communications has the best communications network consultants in Pennsylvania. We employ a team of expert technicians, engineers and consultants with an average 20 years of experience in the communication technology field. We’ll help you identify your needs, determine which VoIP features for small businesses fit your requirements, and recommend solutions in hosted VoIP that will give you what you need. We’ll even help install your new hosted VoIP in your small business, configuring the system and training your employees so you can start using it as soon as possible.

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