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5 AVAYA Phone System Apps That Make a Difference

A discussion of new features available on business phone systems can make your head spin or put you to sleep or both. Rather that enumerate features, customers today want to hear how that feature plays out in the real business world.… Continue Reading

4 Situations When A Hosted Telephone System Makes Sense

For those of you old enough to remember the old Centrex phones, the new telephone company-based phone service and equipment bundle  – often called “a hosted solution” will be easy to understand. As in the old days, you rely on the phone company to supply the features, voice mail and equipment to make your business phone system operate.… Continue Reading

4 Ways To Implement A Disaster Plan For Your Business Phone System

business phone system disaster plan

As many businesses found out during Hurricane Sandy, it pays to have a business phone system backup plan so that your company’s phone is answered even during a disaster. For customers and vendors who may not be in your geographic region, it is even more important that calls are answered since they may not be aware of any weather-related emergencies.… Continue Reading