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Tips For Business TeleCommunications Systems And Emergency Response

Emergency business communications planBusiness telecommunications systems are not immune to emergency situations.  Having a disaster plan and having a business system can be the reason your business survives the storm.

Hurricane Sandy reminds us that it is important to have an emergency preparedness or disaster plan in effect for situations where you may lose communications.  For businesses affected in the path of the Hurricane, losing power may mean losing business communications with the resulting inability to respond to clients or customers.… Continue Reading

10 Ways To Directly Impact The Install of Your Business Phone System

business phone systemYou may think that the success or failure of a new business phone system depends only on the equipment and the vendor. While this is certainly true to an extent, there are several things you can do to directly impact the success of the installation of your business telephone system.… Continue Reading

What Exactly is a VoIP Phone System?

What is a VoIP Phone System and How Can It Help Your Business?

VoIP phone system (Voice Over Internet Proctocol) and IP telephony (Internet Protocol) are popular choices for business telephone systems. Internet Protocol (IP) is a tool that simplifies and streamlines many business applications.… Continue Reading