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4 Ways To Implement A Disaster Plan For Your Business Phone System

business phone system disaster plan

As many businesses found out during Hurricane Sandy, it pays to have a business phone system backup plan so that your company’s phone is answered even during a disaster. For customers and vendors who may not be in your geographic region, it is even more important that calls are answered since they may not be aware of any weather-related emergencies.… Continue Reading

Six reasons why a Major Brand in a Business Phone System Matters

business phone system LancasterYour business phone system represents a signficant investment. Is it really necessary to buy a name brand?

I believe that it is if you want it to last for the long haul. A well-regarded vendor with references is also important. Although very inexpensive proposals may be tempting, buying one could mean replacing the system a whole lot sooner than you had planned.… Continue Reading

Live Answer versus Automated Attendant in a Business Phone System

business telephone technical service

During my twenty-plus years in the telecommunications industry, I have seen this issue come full circle. I remember how excited customers were who were the early adopters of the Automated Attendant. Calls were directed more efficiently and the professional image of the company was enhanced.… Continue Reading