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Small Business Communications Challenges

small business communications challenges

Small business owners can sometimes feel like they’re taking on the world.

They wear all the hats and balance all the roles, from the day-to-day routine functions to marketing strategy and cost projections. And they do it with tighter budgets and fewer flexible resources than larger entities — which means their communication’s system needs be at maximum efficiency.… Continue Reading

10 Things You Need to Make VoIP Work for You

With VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, you can bring a series of changes to your company, from unifying communications to connecting with remote workers across the state, the country or the world. Although a hosted solution is a simpler set up than a traditional equipment-based PBX, there are critical elements that need to be address to ensure good voice quality and functionality.… Continue Reading

Small Business Phone Systems – 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Designing a large business phone system is often much easier than a small business phone system. With a large system there are typically separate departments, designated receptionists, call center agents and a clear delineation of responsibilities. In a small business environment, it is the norm for the staff to be able to juggle multiple jobs and have the cross training to handle any issue that pops up – quickly and efficiently.… Continue Reading