Business As Usual – In the Blizzard of 2017. How to prepare your business phone system for action!

Although we’ve certainly been lucky so far, we know it’s coming. Pounding snow and ice and no way to make it to the office. What happens to last minute questions on deals that were ready to be closed – in areas not dealing with inclement weather? How about new prospects calling in for information for the first time? Is your business phone system down because no one is physically in the office?

Bad weather does hinder productivity, but it doesn’t have to. Rethink the way your business phone system works. It is very simple and inexpensive to remain responsive to your customers and maintain internal communication – regardless of how long the snow falls.

Your flexibility in setting up off site access will depend to a certain degree on what type of phone system platform you have now. Here are some ideas to set up in advance of the inevitable bad weather days.

  1. Make sure you have voice mail to email set up. This allows you to get your emails and also get voice mail messages as .wav files sent as an email attachment. Your responsiveness is not in jeopardy and you are on top of your calls. Your business phone system has branched out.
  2. Install a couple of SIP trunks – easy to afford and quick to install. This will allow key people to forward their business phone system desk extensions to their cell phones. The caller will not know that you are in your flannels answering from your home office. Setting up voice mail to email makes the scenario complete.
  3. Install cloud-based extensions for your home office. This lets you stay totally connected to the office phone system and make work-at-home time just as productive as being in the office (maybe more productive if you are working on a time-sensitive project and don’t want unimportant interruptions). This is simple to set up regardless of the type of phone system you have in place.

It may be the time to look at a different phone system platform or just an upgrade to your existing system. Call your phone company and/or equipment vendor and task them with making your business weatherproof!




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