Business Telephone Systems & Phone Systems for Business

At Merlin Communications, we believe that your phone system is a reflection of your company and its professionalism. It needs to enhance your image and not detract from it. Often a customer’s first contact with your company is a phone call. Was their initial greeting pleasant and professional? Were they quickly transferred to the right place or bogged down in a poorly-design Automated Attendant that left them frustrated rather than ready to do business? We understand the details that affect customer impressions and we can make recommendations that will help you to take advantage of the chance to impress a potential customer when a call comes in.

Businesses Phone Solutions for all Industries

We have built a large customer base, over more than a decade of installing phone systems, for businesses of all descriptions. While this has enabled us to learn about the unique communications flow in certain types of industries, we believe that the knowledge that business owners and managers have of customer needs provide the foundation for a good communications design. Getting new revenue into your company, while maintaining your valued customer base is the goal of all companies – and we understand how that translates to your phone system.

Merlin Communications: Growing With Your Business

Part of providing a solid business phone solution design includes understanding our customers’ long and short-term goals which often include expansion. At Merlin Communications, we understand the special challenges of managing growth and we understand which technologies can help you. Whether it is acquiring another company, moving your office to a larger location or adding a staff of remote workers, we can implement solutions that improve the flow of communications within your business with our business phone system installations.

Expertise and Experience

We are committed to selling only proven technologies – most of them we use in our Merlin Communications office to put them to the test. We understand the evolution of new technology which is invaluable when troubleshooting complex systems or just accommodating specific needs. We have always done voice and we still do voice. Data vendors who also decide to offer phone systems are not the same. Voice is less forgiving than data and business people expect their phones to be far more reliable than their network. When you choose a company whose focus is voice, you are getting a lot more for your investment.

Quality Products for Quality Clients

When it comes to business telephone systems, you will never regret investing in quality. Merlin Communications is proud to partner with Panasonic and Avaya, two of the leading manufacturers of phone equipment for businesses. We have long-standing relationships with both companies and maintain sales levels which allow us to get to Tier 3 Engineers. We compete with companies that are not authorized and sell equipment that has been used or refurbished and not warranted by the manufacturer. As in most technology industries, this can create far more problems than it solves. A deal is only a deal if the product lasts and does what you bought it to do. In our experience, ethical companies buy from other ethical companies.

Large Company Resources with Small Company Attention

Merlin Communications has the resources and experience of a large company in that we invest in our business consistently, employ industry experts and use the technologies will sell. With technicians across the tri-state area, working from IP-enabled home offices, we communicate quickly within the company without wasting travel time. We streamline our operations for maximum efficiency and to keep costs in line for our customers.

We have grown our business by building relationships which have formed because our customers know that they matter to us and in that respect we have small company customer service. We think it’s the best of both worlds – and so do our customers.