5 Reasons You Need to Understand VoIP Hosted Phone Systems

1. VoIP is the New Standard in Business Communications

There was a time when VoIP was relatively new and for lots of reasons – some understandable and some not – it got a bad rap. There are protocols and best practices that can make a huge difference in voice quality.… Continue Reading

Benefits of Integrating Your Cell Phone Into a Phone System

Have you ever thought about integrating your cell phone into a business phone system? If you’re the owner of a business, or perhaps an employee who spends a lot of time on the phone, mixing your personal and business phone systems could help you be more productive.… Continue Reading

How Do Internet-Based Phone Systems Work — and How Can Your Business Benefit?

To understand the benefits of cloud-based phone systems, you should first understand the technology. A PBX is a private branch exchange that allows your employees to communicate with one another. This exchange will usually include multiple internal lines as well as several external ones.… Continue Reading