Why the Shift to VoIP Isn’t Going to Rock the Boat

Businesses of all sizes are implementing VoIP in their organizations and many plan to make the switch in the near future. For many, however, the prospect of changing their telephone system can seem daunting, especially when transitioning from a traditional system they’ve used for years.… Continue Reading

How to Communicate the Value of VoIP With a Busy Executive

VoIP is an advantageous system that can benefit businesses of all sizes, but not everyone is aware of this. While VoIP systems are proven to be reliable and cost-effective, many business executives are either dubious or unaware of the benefits these cloud-based voice services provide, instead sticking with their tried-and-true traditional telephone system.… Continue Reading

Features of Your VoIP System Most Small Businesses Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

VoIP offers numerous features that can be extremely beneficial for companies of all sizes, especially smaller businesses. The reality, however, is that many small companies install their internet-based phone system and then never take a second glance at it. For several small businesses, this means they’re missing out on some huge benefits VoIP has to offer for organizations of their size.… Continue Reading