5 Reasons Why Good Hosted Solutions Go Bad

Hosted VoIP Systems are advertised to be less expensive than regular phone company lines, feature-rich and easy to use. Companies are converting to this new platform in droves! While the design may be good and the sales person’s intentions even better, it’s not uncommon to see installations that start out great soon go sour. How does this happen?

1. Making changes to your network without considering your new voice system.

Because your phone system is now an application on your network, anything that affects the network will likely affect your phones. If there are changes made to the network and those changes aren’t translated to the voice application your call quality can suffer or disappear altogether. This can be routing changes, hardware changes or just about anything.

2. Not considering the bandwidth that new applications may use.

Be aware of bandwidth hogs such as video conferencing, CAD applications, new databases etc.  When shopping for new programs, always get a good idea if your existing bandwidth will suffice and increase it if necessary. Again, if it affects your network, it will affect your phones.

3. Taking your ISP’s word for your speeds without a mechanism to confirm.

Always have a website or software that you can use to randomly test your speeds. Hosted phone systems can go downhill fast if your upload speeds diminish. Not getting what your ISP says you’re getting is unfortunately quite common.

4. Your ISP has consistent issues and/or outages.

Your phone system is only going to be as good as the internet service that supports it. If you find that your ISP is suddenly having a lot of issues and subsequently putting your phone system out of service, it’s time to call your rep and find out what is happening and what fix is planned. If you don’t get satisfactory answers, it might be time to shop for a new company.

5. Not reporting a problem until you have had it for weeks.

It always baffles me when a customer calls with an issue and then tells me it’s been that way for a month. If you have consistent noise on your phones or echo  or especially if calls are dropped, note how often it has happened, whether or not it is isolated to a specific extension and then about a week later (depending on the severity), call your service provider. Waiting any longer than that is risking that the problem may get worse and become an emergency.

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