5 Changes To Make Your Small Company Look Bigger

1. Have a customized On Hold Production so that your customers do not hear dead air or annoying beeps when they are on hold.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to increase your professional image. Even very old phone systems almost always have an MOH port to plug in a CD or thumb drive. For less than $400, you can have a studio-recorded message about your company playing when calls are on hold. A lot of companies use this production to cross sell products and services that your customers may not know about.

2. Program your system to queue calls. 

If there are times when the phones light up with a lot of calls, use the feature found on most phones that stacks your calls. This feeds a call to a representative as soon as another call is completed. No more need to tell a customer to please hold. Some phone systems tell callers where they are in queue and the waiting time. Good for tech support calls. Make sure you have planned out what happens if calls are waiting too long.

3. Polish up your phone etiquette and get everyone on board.

Simple courtesies such as thanking your customer for calling or asking if you can transfer a caller to voice mail instead of telling them – or worse just transferring without saying anything – can make a big impact. Some companies like employees to identify themselves to the caller. Whatever you decide, make sure all staff responsible for answering the phones use the same procedures.

4. Be available for your staff and your callers.

Even older phone systems typically have the ability to transfer an extension to a cell phone or to another extension. Newer systems can ring both cell and desk phone at the same time – or at certain times of the day. Sometimes a quick answer to a call can answer a question that it make take several voice mail messages or emails to resolve otherwise.

5. Don’t lock your callers into Voice Mail Jail.

Always have a zero out feature or an alternate extension to dial if the call is urgent. Pressing zero and then going to another mailbox makes your company look small and unresponsive. This takes some planning, but it definitely boosts your professional image and prevents steaming callers!

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