4 Reasons Why Good Companies Have Bad Phone Systems

1. Low Expectations

Your phone lets you make and receive calls and get voice mail, right? If that’s all you expect of your phone system, you could go back twenty years and be just fine with the state-of-the-art equipment at the time. In fact, age and system failure are often the only reason companies buy new systems. Salespeople are only too happy to accommodate your low expectations.
2. Perception of Complexity

I constantly hear customers say that they don’t need a lot of fancy or advanced features. This is curious considering the definition of advanced varies greatly according to the business model. Forwarding calls to the plant in Singapore during the night and getting call stats, is standard business for some companies while a full-duplex speakerphone can seem like an incredible innovation for other companies – and they all believe they don’t need anything advanced.
3. Budget Concerns

The recession has made everyone leery of anything that sounds too good because the assumption is that it will have a big price tag and just be one more drain on cash flow. With cloud services that can often work with the system you have, that is not the big consideration that it used to be. In most cases, the days of a huge hardware and/or software investment to upgrade your technology is over.
4. Putting Out Fires and Moving On

Your phone system may have shown you repeatedly that it has not grown with your business, but you may have instituted “work arounds” to compensate for lack of capabilities.  The system may have gone down a few times but a vendor was able to perform a fix with refurbished equipment. Once the emergency is over instead of a call to action, it is relegated to the back burner. 

If you recognize your company in these bullet points, it may be time to make the phone system a priority which in turn will improve communications internally and with your valued customers.

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