10 Ways To Directly Impact The Install of Your Business Phone System

business phone systemYou may think that the success or failure of a new business phone system depends only on the equipment and the vendor. While this is certainly true to an extent, there are several things you can do to directly impact the success of the installation of your business telephone system. Here are just a few:

1. Have an updated, correctly-spelled list of extensions to give to your technician.

In most cases, if the technician needs to come back to make changes, you will be billed. Don’t rely on an old list and assume that the tech will figure it out. Make note of the phone models that each extension will get.

2. Have a list of your telephone lines and/or digital circuits along with your phone company name and a contact if you have one.

This is especially important if you are getting new service, but even if you are not, it is a huge help in the event of a discrepancy.

3. Be sure that every single one of your employees attends the user training. Some customers require us to have sign-in sheets so they know who attended the class. Otherwise, it only takes a handful of staff that does not know how to use the phone to cause problems.

Not only will they be bothering co-workers to with questions, an employee that did not attend training is likely to be frustrated at not being able to use his phone and can cause a negative buzz about the new system.

4. Have specific people chosen in advance to get administrative training. Give careful consideration to the skills and reliability of those that you entrust with your phone system programming.

Make sure you know where passwords are kept and that your system stays secure. The first few times that your administrator does programming changes, you should be able to call your vendor free of charge for help until it becomes second nature.

5. Make your installer aware of any special electrical issues you may have or if you are prone to lightning hits. Some companies have extra protection they can install.

This is likely to increase your costs, but it cannot be ignored. Some systems are more sensitive to fluctuations in power than others, but this subject should have been discussed during the sales process.

6. Have an employee or voice talent ready to record your Automated Attendant greetings. Rarely do telephone technicians have radio voices. You may end up with a Southern drawl or a Long Island accent greeting your customers.

If the person doing the recording is notified in advance it eliminates the time wasted with the giggles which can delay the installation with several tries.

7. Along the same lines, make sure that your Auto Attendant greetings are on paper and that your installer clearly understands where each selection should go. Have directions for any distinctions between day calls and after hours calls.

If you are unsure of anything at this point, ask your installer. It is much more efficient to have questions answered or changes made at the time of installation instead of having to schedule and pay for repeat visits.

8. If you have a live answer Receptionist position, expect that this person will need to allot extra time for training. There should be a manual – paper or electronic for reference.

9. Voice mail to email is a cool new feature. Make sure that you have a list of email addresses for each person who wants to be notified of voice mail message by email.

This is not a bad time to set a company policy about voice mail messages and email, if you have not done so already.

10. In most cases, you will need internal IP addresses for your control unit and your voice mail system. Having these ready definitely saves time. If you have offsite IP phones make sure that your VPNS are already in place.

Please have your network vendor’s contact information handy in case of any issues.

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