I’ve Heard of VoIP – What Other Acronyms Do I Need to Know?

The telecom industry has a mind boggling array of acronyms that sound very impressive as your salesperson rattles them off in a presentation, but ultimately can leave you confused as to what you are getting and how the costs are determined.… Continue Reading

Business As Usual – In the Blizzard of 2017. How to prepare your business phone system for action!

Although we’ve certainly been lucky so far, we know it’s coming. Pounding snow and ice and no way to make it to the office. What happens to last minute questions on deals that were ready to be closed – in areas not dealing with inclement weather?… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Good Hosted Solutions Go Bad

Hosted VoIP Systems are advertised to be less expensive than regular phone company lines, feature-rich and easy to use. Companies are converting to this new platform in droves! While the design may be good and the sales person’s intentions even better, it’s not uncommon to see installations that start out great soon go sour.… Continue Reading